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Random Ramsdom August 20

Starters are back, while others battle intensely for spots on the roster. San Francisco has a new stadium, and Johnny Manziel warms up his finger for Robert Quinn. Meanwhile, the NFL gets greedy...whole lots of randomness on this hot August day, folks.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Long, Michael Brockers, James Laurinaitis and Rodger Saffold set to return. May see action against Browns -ESPN

This is some news that Rams fans have been waiting for! Starters in key positions returning to the fold.

Rams great, Isiah Roberts made an appearance at today's practice. -St. Louis Rams

"I’m probably the only person here who hasn’t hit another person off this team, so I’m just itching," Saffold said.

He is incorrect, of course, but love that attitude anyway.

If you are unfamiliar with six time pro-bowler Isiah Roberts, check out his wiki page. Stud.

Tre Mason video-bombs Johnny Hekker -St. Louis Rams

Also learn some boring trivia about LS Jake McQuaide.

No starting quarterback in Cleveland -ABC

Johnny Manziel meet Robert QuinnRobert Quinn, meet lunch. If the Washington [expletive deleted]s gave Johnny fits, oh Lord, is he in for a rough day.

Rams@Browns preview -Rant Sports

Despite the annoying full page pop-up ad, this is a succinct and legit synopsis of the coming game. Yes, it is preseason, but this is an important one for both squads. Many jobs are still on the line and the first mandatory cuts are coming soon.

Malcolm Smith doesn't skip a beat -Seattle Times

Last years Super Bowl MVP returns to practice with a vengeance.

Levi Stadium impresses...49ers, not so much -SFGate

I am just going to come out and say it...49ers fans are a weird bunch. Sure a shiny new stadium is cool and it is only preseason, but your team is still on the field, right? And a vegan dog is just un-American. No two ways about that.

Veteran DT Darnell Docket tears ACL...out for season -Newsday

The Cardinals defense has taken some knocks this year. First Daryl Washington, now this. Could be some real challenges defensively for them.

The NFL attempts a bridge too far -The Wall Street Journal

The NFL is asking artists interested in playing the Super Bowl halftime show, to pay for that privilege. Seriously.

The pay-to-play suggestion got a chilly reception from the candidates' representatives, these people said.

No foolin'?

Time to sign off and get this submitted Rams know what that means. Tunes!