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Jeff Fisher and his 'runaway football team'

The Rams head coach emphasized just how important the running game is going to be after Friday's practice. Those comments and the rest from Fisher's press conference.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Did you ever really doubt that the St. Louis Rams were going to run the ball a lot this year? You probably shouldn't have, and in case you did, head coach Jeff Fisher made it VERY clear after practice on Friday.

Fisher also let the media know that practice isn't enough to judge the readiness of the Rams' running game. He needs some preseason game work to make a better assessment. The reason for that should be fairly clear, practice just doesn't include the full range of hitting, tackling and kinds of plays a team will make when they're up against live opponents from another team.

But I'll just Fisher explain it. Here's the transcript from his presser.

(On what he hopes to get of the scrimmage and set up for tomorrow)
"First off, it's an experience with fans. It's an opportunity for them to come down, go inside watch practice,
get close, enjoy the two or three hours of the stuff we have to set up. From a football standpoint, it's another practice. We're going to do some live work. We're in full pads. We'll finish with, I don't want to say rookies, but there will be some other younger players in a live tackling scrimmage. But for the most part, we're continuing with our installation. We're doing a lot of drills, the two minute, one-on-ones all kinds of different drills out there. Those who haven't been able to come to the training camp get to see what we do at training camp, we just happen to be moving indoors."

(On if he uses this scrimmage to do an introductory of what a game day is like)
"No, but it is good for the young guys that haven't been there-the draft class and we have players that have not played there before. So it's good to find out where your locker is and how you come in and off the field and where we warm up and do those kinds of things instead of have it be a first time experience for them next weekend."

(On how the running game looks right now and how much he is going to rely on it)
"Well we're going to be a runaway football team. But, it's hard to gage where it is right now. We'll have a better idea once we get into preseason. We're getting all kinds of different looks out of our defense, there's times there's spaces, there's times their not. You practice in pads, but they have in their mind protect each other. And so you're not finishing, you're not cutting on the backside, you're not doing those kinds of things, so we'll have a better idea in a couple weeks."

(On how CB Brandon McGee has been so far in training camp)
"Well he's playing outside at corner. He's getting some nickel shots and of course he picked up where he's left off on ‘teams.' Battling through a little sore ankle which was good to see him come back today and he's got a good chance to play quite a bit this preseason."

(On T Rodger Saffold leaving practice early)
"Yeah, we're going to check him out, but the word I got is things are settling down. He'll be alright."