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St. Louis Rams roster bubble watch 2014: Who will make the cut?

Roster cuts are right around the corner, and the Rams coaches are going to have some tough decisions when it comes to the players on the fringe this year.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

The 2014 preseason is halfway over. In eight days, teams have to cut their rosters from 90 players to 75 on Aug. 26. The last round of cuts comes on Aug. 30, when teams have to get to 53 players. With a pair of games under their belt, it's a good time to take a look at some of the players on the roster bubble who'll need a better game next week and maybe the week after that, if they make it that far.

Offensive players

Garret Gilbert, QB -- The Rams kept just two QBs on the final roster last year, stashing Austin Davis on the practice squad. Gilbert has not been impressive so far, just 9-for-17 with 85 yards. Both Gilbert and Davis will make it through the first round of cuts out of sheer need.

Trey Watts, RB -- Pead's injury increase Watts' chances. He'll get more looks now, and special teams play will be essential.

Brad Smelley & Justice Cunningham, TE -- Right now, Alex Bayer, who leads the team in receiving, looks like he could be the fourth tight end. But these three will be battling it out over the next week. It's possible one gets cut in the trim down to 75 players.

Austin Franklin, TJ Moe & Justin Veltung, WR -- He played on Saturday, but didn't show up on the stat sheet. It's an uphill battle for the guys on the backend of the depth chart here. But with Stedman Bailey suspended the first four games, and not counting against the roster during that stretch, someone could sneak onto here. The Rams kept five receivers to start the season last year.

Sean Hooey, OT -- He had a terrible outing against the Packers. You can put RJ Dill and DJ Morrell on this list too.

Defensive players

Matt Conrath, DT -- A surprise UDFA addition in 2012, the addition of Aaron Donald and Alex Carrington this year make it hard to see Conrath on the roster.

Sammy Brown, DE -- It looks an awful lot like either Michael Sam or Ethan Westbrooks, maybe both, will round out the defensive end depth chart.

Johnny Millard & Aaron Hill, LB -- The Rams kept six linebackers last year. These guys will have to beat out Phillip Seward or possibly Ray Ray Armstrong, if he keeps struggling, to earn a special teams job.

Matt Daniels, S -- If you can't stay healthy, you can't play. And if you can't play, it's hard to justify a roster spot.

Jarrid Bryant & Darren Woodard, CB -- Woodard's chance is his history with the team and knowledge of the system. But, he'll have to beat out one of ...

Marcus Roberson & Greg Reid, CB -- Roberson got the start Saturday, but he struggled with missed tackles and in coverage. The talent's there. The same can be said for Reid, who's speed is hard to overlook, but he's definitely on the bubble.

Cody Davis, S -- If he make it this year, it's most likely going to be by beating out seventh-round pick Christian Bryant, who could probably use a year on the practice squad.