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Preseason Week 2: Rams vs. Packers

The Rams take on the Packers in the second opportunity to see how this roster is shaping up...and how Sam Bradford's return may indicate where the team is going as a whole.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Bradford returns. The team is getting healthier. We're getting closer.

Today, the Rams welcome the Green Bay Packers for each team's second preseason game a year after the two played their second preseason games...time is a flat circle.

So here we are. Plenty to figure out from today, starting with Sam. How's he looking and operating within the confines of the offense? How is the running game developing? Who is stepping up from the wide receiving corps? Is the offensive line improving in Jake Long's absence and is Greg Robinson on pace to live up to his billing and draft status? Is the defensive line as seemingly dominant as it is on paper? Is Aaron Donald merely a component of that line, or is he on track to be a star member of it? Is the secondary going to be a liability or a strength? Is the impact of Gregg Williams translating to the field?

I could go on. We all could.

But that's what we play the games for.