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What does Jeff Fisher want from his Rams this week?

The St. Louis Rams head coach has very clear expectations, simple even, for his team in Saturday's preseason game.

Why you no smile, Jeff?
Why you no smile, Jeff?
Dilip Vishwanat

The St. Louis Rams take the field for their second preseason game of the year on Saturday night. This time against the Green Bay Packers. Will the Rams do anything different than they did last week against the Saints? No. They'll do the same thing .... only they'll do it better.

Just ask the coach.

"We're going to the same things as basically we did in Week 1 in Week 2," Fisher said.

"Well we got to get the penalties down, we need to tackle better on defense - it will be a good challenge for us."

Ah, a familiar refrain from Rams games past, regular and preseason. A lot of last week's penalty problems can be blamed on the inexperience of youth. However, as the team with the NFL's youngest roster, the Rams are counting on that youth to play a role this season. A third year with triple digit penalties won't help things in an NFC West with no margin for error.

Fisher spoke to the youth too.

"I'd like to see some young guys step forward and show some improvement. They've got the jitters put behind them, they know what to expect. Just go out and compete, just execute what we want to."

And there you have it: do the same thing, but do it right. Sounds reasonable to me.