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NFL preseason week 2, Rams Vs. Packers: Sam Bradford will play, but for how long?

The St. Louis offense has a makeover and a new identity. But will Sam Bradford help transform the offense into something that's pretty good? Well this Saturday will be our first look.

Michael Thomas

Although we've known that quarterback Sam Bradford will play against the Green Bay Packers this week it was unknown how long he would be on the field. Fear not, because head coach Jeff Fisher is saying that Bradford will see a good chunk of time on the field this Saturday.

"We're going to play him a quarter, maybe a little bit more," Fisher said. "It's an opportunity to work against someone else and to work with our receivers that he's been working really well with right now."

This is good news because I'm sure the majority of people figured that Bradford might be on the field for maybe two series. It's clear why the Rams would make this decision. For one, it will give the majority of the first team offense a chance to work together, something Fisher hinted at in his statement. Bradford has been out with a torn ACL since Week 7 of last year, and the more chances he he gets to play, the better off he'll be. This will give Bradford a chance to work with newcomers like Kenny Britt and for us to see if Brian Quick is only good as a practice player.

Here's a recent article written by Ryan on what to watch for from Bradford during the game.

It should be expected that he's a rusty, but with a quarter of playing time he should show why the Rams were right in not trying to replace him this off-season.