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Rams Vs. Packers, preseason week 2: Aaron Rodgers returns to test the secondary

This week will mark the return of the best quarterback in the NFL. Luckily this is only a preseason game, but if the Rams secondary can play well it would be another positive heading into week one.

Dilip Vishwanat

This week when the St. Louis Rams march onto the field they will be playing against the best quarterback in the league, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers missed last week's preseason game, but this week it appears as though Rodgers will be a go.

If this was the regular season, the Rams would have to be worried about Rodgers playing, luckily this is just week 2 of the preseason. That means it would be a surprise to see Rodgers play for more than a couple offensive series. But the Rams can use that to test drive the defensive backfield against a tough opponent, even for the preseason.

It's doubtful that defensive coordinator Gregg Williams will open up the playbook against Rodgers since teams try not to show too much during preseason. It will still a good exposure for the defense, a chance to learn a lesson or two. With all the attention placed on the Rams defensive line, the fact that the Rams secondary is unproven doesn't get mentioned much.

This week we should also see the return of cornerbacks Trumaine Johnson, and hopefully Janoris Jenkins and Brandon McGee as well. All three of them missed last week's matchup against the New Orleans Saints. Don't forget that the starting safeties: T.J. McDonald and Rodney McLeod are also big question marks heading into this new season; they both played against the Saints at least.

Seeing the Rams corners and safeties playing solid against Rodgers for a couple of series would be a welcome sight, even if it is just a preseason game.