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Random Ramsdom; The Future

The season builds momentum and the future is coming on strong. Just what will it hold?

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

A nice break down of the action that all Rams rookies have seen thus far -ESPN

Despite the recent hate-on for ESPN (I am a commentor sypathizer), this is a good article that paints a picture of what we may expect from our rookies this year.

OL Greg Robinson, first round, No. 2 overall: Robinson split time between left guard and left tackle, playing 33 snaps offensively and a pair of special teams snaps in a blocking role. All in all, it was a solid first showing for Robinson though he had a communication mistake which led to a sack early in the game when he blocked outside rather than coming down to help on the defensive tackle. He held the edge well in pass protection albeit against third string pass-rushers.

Does it bother anyone else that G-Rob is splitting time between offensive tackle and guard? I have a huge amount of faith in Coach Boudreau, but this writer can't ignore that voice (or any of them, really), that says this may be too much, too soon.

Up next! The Packers... -Rant Sports

I was supposed to attend this game, but due to some issues, I won't be able to make it and that makes me very sad.

Sam to play in second preseason, the other Sam -NFL

"I haven't decided how much," Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "but yeah, he's gonna play this week."

Am I the only one cringing?

There can not be enough articles about the potential Fearsome Foursome 2.0 -CBS New York

"This defensive line was good without me," Donald said, following a particularly productive day of training camp for himself and his linemates against St. Louis’ re-vamped starting offensive line. "My job is to just come in here and be an extra piece to the puzzle."

Meanwhile in Dallas... -Sports Illustrated

"Well, at least it's not boring!" -Professor Hubert Farnsworth

Kenny Britt steps up -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Wide receiver Kenny Britt has been making quite an impact on the Rams receiver corps. At least in practice. Will this translate to the regular season?

A new enemy? -NFL

Arizona Cardinals rookie wide receiver John Brown made our preseason Week 1 "winners" list after tormenting the Texans defense for 87 yards and a 39-yard interference penalty on five catches and a team-high 10 targets in one half of action.

I am not sure when pass interference penalties became personal stats, but regardless, those are incredible numbers for a rookies first game. Palmer-Fitzgerald-Brown may be a potent trio.

Catching up with the number one overall draft pick -Bleacher Report

It seems that Jadeveon Clowney can't cover tight ends. Despite that, he is showing much potential as a pass rusher.

We're waiting Chris Long...

Since we already used Futurama twice (You get a Rec, if you spot the first one), let's revisit a classic song, from that classic show as we sign off for today...