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Turf Show Radio: Preseasonin'

Castin'. Podcastin'.

More football, more podcastin'. Thems the rules.

On Thursday night at 9pm ET, I'll be running through every major Rams storyline with the help of two special guests and friends of TST: Will Horton, of RamsHerd, and Jeff Roman, formerly of RamsGab.

We'll go through the major questions of the day (training camp battles, what to expect from the Packers on Saturday, etc.) before I open up the phone lines to any and all.

All callers are always welcome on TSR. It's like a warm woolen blanket on a cold night in western Utah, kids (I don't know if that's an analogy that's ever been used before, so let's break ground together here...). Just call me up at (347) 857-1022 and I'll get you on the show. It's that simple.

So clear out your schedules. We've got Rams stuff to talk about, and the door's open.

Let's get our Turf Show Radio on.

P.S. The TSR archives are your friend. Download at will.