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Kenny Britt Thinks The Rams Can Have One Of The Best Receiver Corps

Trying to be the best is hard - especially when you have been one of the worst for a while - but the Rams receiving corp will try to become the best in the league.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Last season the St. Louis Rams passing game was in the bottom of the league, but one player thinks that they can turn it all around. Newcomer veteran wide receiver Kenny Britt boasted to the media that he thinks the receivers can be the best in the league.

I'm saying right now, one of the best in the league," Britt said. "If we get this offense down pat, and we're on the same page as Sam, I say we can be in the best in the league because of the things that we're doing and the way we mix up our receivers."

Coming from a player that hasn't been productive in two seasons, it's hard to really think it's possible. Hell the Rams haven't had a receiver top 700 receiving yards in years, and by all accounts the Rams will be a running team this season. Although Britt is right about the Rams having different types of receivers, like the big bodied-underachiever Brian Quick and the college playmaker Tavon Austin, or the former starter Chris Given's, the deep threat has falling from starter to third string. The Rams have difdee types of receivers alright, it just remains to be seen if they can put it all together.

Even though it's hard to believe that the Rams receivers will be amongst the top units in the lead, it's great to hear that they aren't scared to have high goals, now they just have to reach them.