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Robert Quinn is the 13th best player in the NFL

Quinn was ranked the 13th best player in the league, by the NFL. However should he have been ranked in the top 10?

Dilip Vishwanat

On The NFL Network's annual top 100 show,  Rams defensive end Robert Quinn was ranked the 13th best player in the league . Being No. 13 in the NFL is a huge honor, especially when you take into account that Quinn wasn't on the list last year. The rankings are based on an off-season poll given to NFL players, provided by the NFL.

Being the 13th best player is nothing to laugh about and since he is the only Ram on the list we should be happy. But you can also make the case that Quinn should have been ranked higher. Quinn was incredible last season, unblockable at times (just ask Drew Brees), the best 4-3 defensive end in the NFL last year. Let's look at the stats from last season: 19.5 sacks, 57 tackles, and 7 forced fumbles.

I do agree that Quinn shouldn't be placed above the great J.J. Watt, one spot ahead of Quinn at 12. But I feel like these two players were the best defensive players last season, so why are they ranked so low? There are four players that will be ranked ahead of the two defensive ends that probably shouldn't be.

Marshawn Lynch is supposedly the fourth-best running back on the list and he finished 14, which means that you will see three running backs somewhere in the top ten. I can't think of two running backs that should be ranked that high, but there's three on the list? What happened to everyone telling me that the NFL was a passing league? Obviously they were wrong.

Of course there's Richard Sherman who will rank somewhere in the top ten and while he was a damn good big mouth cornerback, it's debatable that he's ranked higher than Quinn and Watt. In fact, I would probably say that Earl Thomas should be ranked higher than his teammate.

I think that Quinn and Watt should be the two best defensive players and be ranked in the top 10. Maybe I'm being a little biased.

So I'm asking you guys, do you think that Quinn should have been ranked higher than 13? Or are you just tired of all of these list and ready for the preseason to start?