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Benny Cunningham talks about the Rams running back battle

The third man in the Rams running back battle offered his thoughts on he's learned after last season as well as what he thinks about Tre Mason.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Benny Cunningham has been the forgotten man in all the talk and speculation about Zac Stacy and Tre Mason splitting carries for the Rams run-first offense. Don't be too quick to write him out of the mix for work this season.

He talked to 101 Sports about his progress from year to year after practice on Tuesday.

"After a year, I'm more comfortable with the offense, learning the ins and outs of it," Cunningham said. "Also, playing faster, you know what you're doing, you can move around a lot faster, and I feel like that's the biggest asset coming into this year's training camp."

He also talked a little about rookie Tre Mason and the running back competition.

"I feel like he's made a big jump [from OTAs to training camp]. Once you get to this level, there's not going to be people pushing you. You have to do it on your own, push yourself to be as good as you can. He has his head on straight ... doing everything he can to be useful to the team.

"Great competition between each other, but we're trying to push each other to get better every day."

That might be my favorite common refrain from every single training camp in the NFL, the "getting better every day" part. And that's not exactly a world of insight into the position battle. Still, it's good to hear that Cunningham and his teammates have a good thing going at the running back spot, whoever "wins" the job.

Listen to the full interview below.