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Random Ramsdom: 7/29 Camping With Friends

It's finally started. We are officially one step closer to meaningful football. In the meantime we have a lot to look forward to. Battles will ensue, Madden will release, fights are brewing, injuries will strike - though some more fatal than others - and through it all we will see the Rams take the field for the first time in 11 days.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Camp Battles that may entertain - Bleacher Report

The position battles that take place in camp are always some of the most interesting stuff to watch for during the hot August days, and this year is no different

Kurt speaks on his return to St. Louis - St. Louis Rams

Kurt Warner talks about his return to St. Louis, thoughts on training camp, and much more...

Robert Quinn will be fun to play with - Ramblin Fan

Robert Quinn will be one of the most improved players on the new EA Sports video game, Madden 15. This year he will see his rating go from a paltry 78, to a stout 97. Can't wait to see the rest of the defensive line...

Day three much better than day one -

The Rams offense actually received a little bit of criticism for their poor showing on day one, even though it was only day one. Either someone told them about the reports or they simply needed a day or two to start to find some rhythm.

Kurt one-on-one with Sam Bradford - St. Louis Rams

Kurt Warner took a few moments to speak with Sam Bradford about his knee, camp, the future, and more...

Rams tired of hearing about other teams - Rams News

After hearing about the Seahawks and 49ers non-stop the Rams are finally reaching their limits on how much more they can take. They are looking to make a statement when facing their division foes this season. Also hear Kenny Britt chat a bit about the differences he has noticed with the Rams vs his time in Tennessee.

A few have sat, more will join - Bleacher Report

Unfortunately injuries are apart of training camp. So far the Rams have not had any significant injuries take place, and the goal is to keep it that way.

Daren Bates making a his presence felt - St. Louis Rams

When Jeff Fisher was asked about the possibility of Ray Ray Armstrong battling for a more prominent role on defense, Fisher went out of his way to mention one other player...

Inside the NFL locker room -

This might be the most powerful article I have ever read. Full of amazing photos, unbelievable interviews, and it is about as raw and uncut as an article can be. With special interviews from Rams players, see how they describe sharing a locker room with Michael Sam. ****WARNING VERY STRONG LANGUAGE, FOR MATURE READERS ONLY**** in other words don't be the jackass

Who to watch on Tuesday and beyond - Ramblin Fan

It is no secret that players level of play - for better or worse - changes once the pads go on. Who should you be watching the most when the pads go on???