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22 Photos from Day Three of Rams Camp

More photos!

Your 2014 Rams Camp WRs (minus TJ Moe, for whatever reason)
Your 2014 Rams Camp WRs (minus TJ Moe, for whatever reason)
Daniel Doelling

Day three of Rams training camp is in the books! Camp is going by fast, too, because day four has already come and gone as well. If you didn't make it to day three (and sorry if you didn't), it was great. The weather was near-perfect, the competition was heating up, and, oh yeah, Kurt Warner was there.

Photos from day three are below. Enjoy!

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You have plenty more opportunities to get to training camp if you haven't yet (sorry to put a dagger in the heart if you're 2,000 miles away). Also coming up is the third annual Fan Fest  It's this Saturday, actually. If you can make it, cool. Say 'hey,' if you can: 

Photos from day two of training camp here.

Shout-out to Mike Thomas! Your photos are great, man. I've told you once, but you're quite the inspiration. Glad to have met you yesterday.