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Robert Quinn is 'scary' says Jeff Fisher

Well, I mean, he's not wrong.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams pass rushing virtuoso Robert Quinn has taken his place among the league's best. That's what a 19 sack season will do for you, but it's obviously more than just one season of work that speaks so highly for Quinn. He's part of a defensive line EVERYONE is raving about with the season barely a month away.

But Jeff Fisher summed up Quinn's prowess better than any sports writer could have.

"It's scary for offensive tackles, not scary for us."

The Rams head coach also made sure to mention that Quinn was only getting better too.

"He's got a great future ahead of him," Fisher said."Pass rushing is an art and you can get better at it.

"You can anticipate, you can get better with counter moves, get better on each opponent. He's taking a lot of time, studying, and I think he knows how to approach each opponent week in and week out, he understands system very well. One would think he'd probably have better numbers than he did last year."

That really ought to scare the hell out of opposing tackles and guards and especially quarterbacks.