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Quarterback completion rates and observations from day one of Rams training camp

It does't come as a suprise that the quarterbacks and the offense are knocking off the rust .

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

How did the quarterbacks look during their first day of training camp? Thanks to the observant eyes of many faithful fans (a shout-out you, Mathieu Debuchy and Jim Fadler) we have completion rates and several takeaways to report.

Quarterback completion rates:

Sam Bradford: 14 of 20 (70%).

Shaun Hill: 5 of 7 (71%)

Austin Davis: 7 of 11 (64%)

Garrett Gilbert: 11 of 17 (65%)

Several takeaways:

  1. It's the first day of training camp. Remember that the focus is on repetitions and knocking off the rust at this point.
  2. The offense kept it pretty simple. Many of day one's completions were checkdowns or screens.
  3. The defense is ahead of the offense. The defensive line is penetrating the offensive line. Bradford isn't showing much 'zip' in his passes, mostly due to the simulated pressure. The depth of the defensive line is showing, too; Aaron Donald "made life miserable" for Hill and the second-team.
  4. The wide receivers were hit and miss. Stedman Bailey didn't particularly stand out while Kenny Britt, Brian Quick, Lance Kendricks and Jared Cook had a little more to show.

Day one is in the books now and day two is set to start in just a few hours. The heat index will be well over the hellish mark of 100 and the possibility of storms are in the forecast. We'll have our own foot soldiers on the field and will keep you covered on day two's action right here.