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Sam Bradford responds to Michael Robinson's 'soft' comment

The Rams quarterback brushed away a potential war of words.

Soft? Does this beard look soft to you?
Soft? Does this beard look soft to you?
Dilip Vishwanat

Before ESPN's "First Take" was saying misogynistic things about domestic violence it was only concerned with offering the hottest of sports takes. Worthless, but not offensive. Sam Bradford responded to one of those HOT SPORTS TAKES on Friday after practice, the one from former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson calling him "soft."

"I haven't heard about that. Whatever he said, everyone is entitled to their opinion," Bradford said. "Whether it was good or bad it's really not going to change what's going on around here for us."

Robinson made his comment last week, telling the show that Bradford had developed a reputation as "kind of soft" around the league. We have audio and video of Robinson's hot take over here. Meh.

Credit Bradford for not getting into a silly war of words. The sports world already did everything it could to get stupid with words this week, from Tony Dungy's distraction to Stephen A. Smith. Football practices never felt so refreshing, from an editorial standpoint.

Also, Bradford apparently doesn't watch "First Take." That's a huge win in his favor.