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Welcome back Sam Bradford

When Fisher says Bradford is healthy he really means it. It's time for the return of Bradford.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It's official, Sam Bradford will be a full go during training camp. Reporter Jim Thomas from the Post-Dispatch broke the news of the return of the Rams quarterback, which came straight from head coach Jeff Fisher's mouth.

Sam is in great shape," Fisher said. "He’s ready to go. We don’t have (reservations) — right now as we speak, as camp starts — he’s full-go. If we need to back him down here and there, we’ll back him down.

This is good news because now there's no reason to wonder when Bradford will return. He's back and from the way it sounds, he's ready to go. It's impossible to tell how Bradford will perform coming off of his knee injury, but this is a good step for the team. It's important to for fans to have proof that Bradford is healthy enough to be on the field, and it should help boost the morale of the team knowing that their QB is back.

Bradford tore his ACL against the Carolina Panthers in October 2013 and has been sidelined ever since.

But let's be realistic, Bradford isn't going to play in all of the preseason games and the Rams won't take any chances letting players get close to him in practice. Fisher said as much in the PD article, giving a strong indication that Bradford would not play in the team's first preseason game.

This approach should let Bradford adjust to his knee post surgery (which will take time). It will also get the other receivers used to playing with him again. However, it won't help with him getting a better feel for adjusting to pressure on the fly.

Kudos to Fisher for nipping this potential distraction in the bud.