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Turf Show Radio: July 24. The Return!

The greatest podcast in the history of podcasts returns tomorrow night.

Hey. Hey. R-A-M. Hey. Hey. I-T!

Those hallowed notes once embodied the goofy pre-mechanization of the NFL and the Rams. Now, they mean one thing. Turf Show Radio's starting.

Tomorrow night at 9pm ET, there will be much "ramming" of "it" when Van and I hop aboard the Turf Show Radio train. Damn, that was a horrible sentence. Sorry. But I'll make it up to you with an hour or so of Rams football and all kinds of random sidebar topics and awkward segues. We're on the cusp of training camp opening up, so there's plenty to talk about.

Call us up. No, don't think you shouldn't. You're wrong. You should. You should call (347) 857-1022 and talk to us about the Rams. So do just that.

Yet to dive into the world of podcasts? Well, there's no finer way to get started than with TSR. You can check out the Turf Show Radio archive on iTunes and download old episodes directly into your soundmaker (technology moves fast, so in case we're not using soundmakers at this time tomorrow, you should be able to download old episodes directly into your ear-located USB inport there too).

So block off some time tomorrow night for an old friend or two and come yap with us.