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Random Ramsdom: The One

As training camp begin, the anticipation becomes almost unbearable. The season is upon us, yet so many questions remain unanswered and speculation runs amok with an axe. It is time.

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Rookies Ready? -ESPN

As probably already known, the Rams rookies show up to training camp a few days ahead of the veterans. Sadly for us, these sessions are closed to the public.

Take the good with the bad -ESPN

Forbes lists the St. Louis Rams as the 45th most valuable sports franchise in the world. It breaks down like this...the Rams gained the most of any team on this list, being valued at $780 million last year to $875 this year. knew that was coming...the only NFL franchises valued lower are the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders. Ow.

Just what should Rams fans be looking for in training camp? -Bleacher Report

This is a good article, a very worthwhile read and mostly spot-on. This line however is a bit baffling...

The primary difference is the presence of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who will undoubtedly add his personal touch to the unit. Fans will watch the defense closely throughout camp in an effort to spot the minor differences.

Minor differences? With Gregg Williams in charge, we are expecting major differences. To be sure, Steven Gerwel, then immediately addresses a constant lament of folks here on TST, those infamous and generous spaces accorded the receivers by the defensive backs...

For starters, it'll be interesting to see if Williams completely eliminates the infamous 10-yard cushions between the cornerbacks and receivers. The strategy hurt the defense last season, so that should be one of the more obvious adjustments

Eliminating that alone means a major change in this writers opinion. Physical play by the corners and safeties right from the snap, would also be a major change and both are expected next year under least by me.

Michael Sam shows up for training camp...some other guys may have been there also, but we aren't sure -Fox2Now

For no apparent reason, I am suddenly reminded of this classic SNL song by Bill Murray...

Interesting grades for the NFC West off season -USA Today

For the record, I disagree with this article concerning the Seahawks and 49ers. Seattle is rated too high and San Fransisco to low...St. Louis and Arizona are about right. Still, just one opinion out there on the state of the NFC West and a worthwhile read.

One rival, one take -Arizona Cardinals

It is worth noting that in-division rivals seem to have a much better grasp of things, than outsiders.

And so it's theme song...