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Rams Roster Preview: WR Justin Veltung

Justin Veltung looks to be a long shot to make the St. Louis Rams’ roster in 2014.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The bottom of NFL rosters are kind of interesting.  Instead of seeing the chosen ones, you're looking at players who fight tooth and nail, week in and week out, to remain on the team. This is a story that wide receiver Justin Veltung knows very well.

Veltung looked okay in practices last season but when it came to games he didn't show up. However, Veltung showed enough to be placed on the team's practice squad. He wouldn't join the 53-man group until an injury forced Veltung up on the game day roster. The Rams didn't call Veltung up because of his receiving ability; it was because the Rams didn't have another solid returner.

Roster Battle

There's really no chance that Veltung makes the Rams at receiver. Last season the Rams kept five receivers, but this year they could keep six with the offseason addition of Kenny Britt.

If Veltung is going to make the roster he's going to have to show he's a good returner. He will be battling speedster Tavon Austin and the rookie running back Tre Mason. Last season Veltung showed nothing special as a punt returner, finishing the season with seven returns, and averaging almost nine yards a return.

Will Veltung be on the roster In 2014?

Doubtful. If Veltung doesn't can’t make the team as a receiver there's little reason to keep him on the roster. He's not a great return man...the only reason to keep him is if another player went down with injury.