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Random Ramsdom: 7/22 Let's Go Camping

Training Camp is finally upon us, which only means one thing: We actually get to watch a football game in 2 weeks. Granted it will be preseason, there is not a soul out there that will not take what they can get right now. Six more weeks until kick off for the 2014 NFL season....

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The Mega Precamp Report - Yahoo Sports

The Rams have a lot to look forward to in this years camp, and in this report it is all touched on. From Sam Bradford to Michael Sam, no stone is left unturned.

Bradford vs The West - Ramblin Fan

How does Sam Bradford stack up against the rest of the NFC West quarterbacks?

Kenny Britt Could Still Blossom -

Will Witherspoon believes that St. Louis receiver Kenny Britt can still blossom into one of the NFL's special receivers...

Projected Depth Chart -

How does Nick Wagner project the Rams depth chart to shake out? Truth is, there are not many surprises, but there is one player that he sees making the roster that would be a popular addition, Michael Sam.

The Fight - Bleacher Report

Jo-Lonn Dunbar got into a fight with an NBA player...

The Result - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Jo-Lonn Dunbar was arrested, but he wants everyone to know it was not his fault....

The Aftermath -

Jo-Lonn Dunbar may have opened the door even wider for the next guy up, to step in and take his spot...

Ready to go fast not that the game is slow - Yahoo Sports

Tavon Austin says he is ready to make more plays and build on his rookie season. He says now that he has an understanding of the playbook and the game has slowed down he can now go faster. Well Mr. Austin, the time is near for you to show the world what you are talking about...

Who wants to be number one in jersey sales when you can be a seventh round draft choice that has never played a down and be number 6???

Pre-training camp power rankings - Bleacher Report

The BR boys have created a pre-training camp power rankings. Curious where the Rams land? Have no fear, with just a simple click of the link and you can skip the extra clicks and go right to there sacred number...***warning the ranking may be a little higher than you think..just slightly***

"I would not have drafted Michael Sam" -

Former well respected NFL Coach Tony Dungy says that he would not have drafted Michael Sam, due to the media circus that comes with him

Michael Sam responds - Ramblin Fan

And the press wasted no time to get a response from Michael Sam on the subject of Dungy's comments...

Janoris Jenkins taking the next step -

The Rams are looking forward to having Janoris Jenkins stepping up and taking the next in his development to become the Rams shutdown corner.

Tru has to do the same as Jenks -

The Rams are going to need both of their starting cornerbacks to step up big time this season. Trumaine Johnson will have to take the next step as well...

5 Areas of concern for the Rams - Bleacher Report

The Rams - like every other team this time of year - enter training camp with a few possible issues that stick out like a sore thumb...

Previewing the NFC West - has put together a list of three for each team in the NFC West, regarding what to look for in this years training camps.