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Which Rams’ Skill-Player Will Have the Biggest Impact in 2014?

All eyes are on quarterback Sam Bradford, but what about the rest of the St. Louis Rams’ offense? Who will help him out?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret the Rams offense has struggled over the years. Their offenses have usually lacked three things: an identity, good players, and consistency. Every year it appears the Rams will put it all together on offense, and every year it has lead to nothing but disappointment.

But it’s a new year, and another season for hope.  Right? Late last season the Rams seemed to find their identity. With the emergence of Zac Stacy, the Rams went "old-school" bringing back the run-first, quick pass attack on offense. This change in philosophy made the Rams more far more consistent.

However, if the Rams hope to make the playoffs this season, someone is going to have to produce.

Kenny Britt - Surprisingly, the former Tennessee Titans seems to be the guy for the Rams. The season hasn't started yet, but - by all accounts - Britt was the best receiver on the field during OTA's. The issue is that no one knows which Britt the Rams are going to get.  Will it be the receiver the Titans benched and replaced, or will it be the player that had 1,400 plus yards in his first two years in the league?

Tavon Austin - Austin wasn't as flashy as fans hoped in his rookie campaign. When the Rams traded up for Austin, it was believed he would pick up where he left off -- being the most electrifying player in sports entertainment today.  Instead he was, seemingly, just another player last year.  I'm one of the few who believe that Austin is one of the most important pieces to the puzzle.  He just needs other receivers to play better to take the pressure off of him.

Jared Cook - Cook was the Rams' leading receiver last season; in large part due to a 141-yd Week 1 performance against the Cardinals. Being physical isn't a part of Cook's game, but he does have the ability to create mismatches with his size and speed. He's no Jimmy Graham, but maybe with Sam Bradford back under center, Cook can become a good playmaker for the Rams. Cook does what he should do as a tight end... he gives the Rams a good target in the middle.  Being a traditional tight end, which requires him to block, isn’t his strong suit.

Chris Givens - The receiver who disappointed the most, based on last year’s performance, is Givens. That's unfair. No one should have expected Givens to put up big numbers last season.  He was basically a number 2 receiver that lost his starting QB. Givens could be the best receiver on the Rams roster right now. He's a speedster, and last season teams didn't give him the deep ball, so he had to work on different routes [and he should be better for it]. Givens will benefit the most from having Bradford back, and hopefully the emergence of another receiver will relieve some of the pressure. Givens having the most receiving yards on the team in 2014 would be my bet.

Zac Stacy - Right now the Rams need Stacy to be the guy. When Stacy was thrown into the fire he was consistent, which allowed the Rams to be more efficient on offense. Tre Mason could make a case for Stacy's starting spot, but until he proves he can cut it in the NFL, Stacy is the guy. I expect the Rams to start off with a heavy dose of running this season, so Stacy should factor heavily into the Rams plans.  Will that change mid-season? Maybe.  But expect to see a heavy workload for Stacy early on in 2014.