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Rams Roster Preview: Eugene Sims

Eugene Sims may not be a starter, but he still plays a very important role on the Rams' defense.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams have one of the deepest defensive lines in the NFL. Almost every defensive line player could play for any team and a majority of them could start. Eugene Sims is a player who might not start for every team in the league but he would get his fair share of snaps.

Roster Battle

Sims won't be fighting for too much playing time. The only possible battle for Sims at the moment could be Michael Sam. Expect Sims to split time with William Hayes, as the two of them will be rotating in for superstar Robert Quinn and the veteran Chris Long.


The key to remember is that while Sims is a backup, the Rams constantly rotate bodies in on the line to keep their starters fresh. The key is that the backups have to be solid for it to work. So while it would be great to see Sims rival Quinn in sacks, he will more than likely just record four sacks. As long as he continues to be a solid pass-rusher the Rams will continue to play him.

Will Sims make the 2014 roster?

Yes, the Rams have solid depth on the defensive line and Sims is a big part of that.