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A blow-by-blow account of the Jo-Lonn Dunbar, Donte Green nightclub fight

The Rams linebacker was arrested for his part in a nightclub fight over the weekend. What exactly happened though?


We now have a copy of the police report from the Miami nightclub fight that got St. Louis Rams linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar arrested over the weekend.

940 WINZ has a copy of the police report. Here's how the fight and arrest unfolded.

Into the street

According to the reports Dunbar and Donte Green, the defendants, left the club exchanging verbals barbs, along with a few others. The incident report describes that exchange as "heated," and security personnel were trying to keep them separated.

A few people involved started to walk away, while still trading insults. The rest of the people involved gave chase, and that's when the brawl started.

Tased in the ass

Dunbar and another male were fighting each other when Green approached Dunbar from behind. That's when he and the Rams linebacker got entangled in their scrum. Green was punching Dunbar in the head and neck, according to the report. Police officers feared for Dunbar's safety at that point, warning Green that he would be tased if he didn't stop punching Dunbar.

He didn't stop. The police office fired his taser for one 6-7 second burst. The prongs hit Green in his lower back and the other one in his right butt cheek.

That ended the fight.

An apology & explanation

Green claims that Dunbar was fighting his brother when he jumped into the fray. He said that Dunbar had been "after me for years since I got into the NBA."

Dunbar apologized as soon as police cuffed him.