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Who is the Rams most overrated & most underrated player?

It's time to look at who Pete Prisco thinks the Rams most overrated and underrated players are.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

CBS's lead senior writer Pete Prisco wrote about most overrated and underrated players for all 32 NFL teams. Fans of teams like the Houston Texans or the Philadelphia Eagles, will probably be upset by his list. Should Ram fans be upset too? Let's look at his choices for the most overrated and underrated Rams.

Overrated: TE Jared Cook --­­ They paid him a lot of money and he was decent, but clearly not worth the money. He had 51 catches in an offense that needed more. He has the ability to do so much more.

There were hopes that Cook would give the Rams that dynamic receiving tight end that would make life easier for Sam Bradford and improve the Rams passing offense. Cook showed the athletic ability and speed to be in the conversation as one of the most effective tight ends in the NFL.

However, Cook wasn't able to put the pieces together after his outstanding game against the Arizona Cardinals, where he had 7 receptions, 141 yards, and two touchdowns. Cook was just okay the rest of the way finishing the season with 51 receptions, 671 yards, and five touchdowns. Last season wasn't a complete failure for Cook, there's still a chance that he can be better with Bradford. But he didn't live up to the expectations of his five-year, $35 million contract that included $19 million guaranteed, an amount that makes him one of the highest paid tight ends in the league.

I don't agree with Cook, being the most overrated player, but from a national standpoint Cook was the big name that the Rams brought over with big expectations.

I would say that Janoris Jenkins was the most overrated player last season. There were huge expectations placed on Jenkins and he played okay, at best, but I can say that it didn't look like he progressed from the previous season.

Underrated: T Joe Barksdale ­­-- They got him from Oakland and he was a pleasant surprise at right tackle. He played so well that 2014 first­-round pick Greg Robinson will start his career at left guard, rather than tackle.

It's hard not to underrate Barksdale. He was just a random guy from the street when the Rams added him who became a really good starter. Barksdale is fundamentally sound and there's really not that many negatives to say about him.

I do agree with Barksdale being underrated. I wouldn't be surprise if he played better this year than last year as a full time starter.

So do you guys agree with Prisco? Who else do you think could be considered underrated or overrated?