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Rams Roster Preview: TJ McDonald

Does TJ Mac have what it takes to become the next safety to thrive in Gregg Williams' defensive scheme?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Before the 2013 NFL Draft, everyone knew that the Rams were looking to draft Safety help within the first few rounds. All of us were looking at Kenny Vaccaro, Eric Reid, and Matt Elam as likely targets for the Rams. TJ McDonald largely flew under the radar here at TST. Most of us were surprised when they didn't fill arguably their biggest need until they drafted TJ Mac the 3rd round.

I'll admit that I was a little skeptical of this approach as well, but I put my faith in the new regime. TJ Mac has certainly filled what was a gaping whole in our secondary, and he has also become a fan favorite.

Roster Battle

For all intents and purposes, battle at Strong Safety will be nonexistent. TJ will be THE MAN at Safety this year for the Rams.


This is where it gets interesting. TJ has an impressive pedigree and all the requisite skills desired by new Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. He will be a major contributor in a new defensive scheme that fits his style of play very well. If he can wrap his head around that new scheme, we will be seeing him in Pro Bowls. Maybe not this year, but very soon.

Will He Make the Team?

Without a doubt. No Question. Take it to the bank. [insert favorite cliché here]

TJ Mac will be on the team, and he will be a difference maker in our secondary.