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NFL, DirecTV to Offer Streaming Packages of Live Games (UPDATED)

The NFL and DirecTV will break ground with packages to stream games directly to your computer, mobile device or gaming console this season...for a price.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

This is big. Not just big news big or big business big but all of those and then more big. Real big.

The NFL and DirecTV, nearing the end of their exclusivity deal in 2015, will offer live streaming of out of market games this season with packages starting at...$200. If your device will be supported (surprisingly, a lot are - scroll to the bottom to see the list), you'll be able to feed your Rams crack addiction legally (legal crack!) this season.

Now we're of a certain breed here, TSTers. We're football fans. Big football fans. You're reading NFL news in the middle of July when there is no NFL news unless we're talking about guys breaking the law. Or hot takes courtesy of Pro Football Talk or ESPN  (soft, he says!). But you're here. So $200 for you is very different than the casual fan who likely watches a local team play so as to not be completely ostracized when he/she doesn't have anything to add to the office conversation on Monday.

It's not nothing though. Two hundred dollars is not a small bill in this economy, and the business ramifications of this are incredibly significant for a behemoth like the NFL.

The bottom line? Fans like myself who can't get DirecTV and don't live in a market that's showing the Rams have a way to watch live.

The future is here, and it includes more Rams football. That, ultimately, is good no matter how you look at it...even if it does cost a car payment.


Here's the full list of supported devices/system requirements. (Click to embiggen)