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Random Ramsdom; Are We There Yet?

As every nook and cranny of the internet is thoroughly scoured for NFL news, and with training camp so agonizingly close, just one question is being asked: Are we there yet?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Rams memorable moments -honorable mention -ESPN

It is hard for this writer to add to this prestigious list. I might simply say every single play of Super Bowl XIV. That was unfortunately a loss, but nothing was held in reserve. Every play. Every player. Every ounce of effort. Rare are the games when that can be said.

This was not the Rams finest moment, but it should be runner up to the honorable mentions...or something...

Larry Fitzgerald ready to go -PFT

Arizona wideout Larry Fitzgerald speaks out like the leader he is. He dis/respects the rest of the NFC West.

All NFC West roster -Ramblin Fan

No Rams love yet in this series, but we aren't to defensive line yet, either.

Tight ends around the league gain attention and money
-Miami Herald

Vernon Davis is elated at Jimmy Graham's new contract, but how does he compare? And will he hold out? With RT Alex Boone also holding out for more money, this writer can't help but think that these holdouts are indicative of larger problems in the 49ers front office.

More travelin' music, Rams fans...