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Greg Robinson talks about struggling

The St. Louis Rams drafted Greg Robinson in the first round to help rebuild their offensive line. However, recently Robinson has said that he's been struggling, what does it mean? Robinson tells us.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

No matter what round you're drafted in, being a rookie isn't easy. So it wasn't a surprise when Greg Robinson admitted to struggling. Since he made those comments during OTAs, it's apparent that he was referring to struggling due to the mental part of the game, since they weren't practicing in pads.  Former NFL player and current media guy Ross Tucker recently talked to Robinson, where he clarified on why and what he was struggling with.

Robinson goes into more detail:

"Mentally, it's just the playbook depth and the new position, but it's coming  slowly and the guys have been working along with me, along with coach. And he's just been really trying to get me up to pace and just get the feel, because once I get the playbook down I will be able to play faster, because when we watch film we can notice that I'm hesitant and thinking on the run."

It sounds like Robinson is at the pace that's expected of him. Of course, he's going to struggle early, and it will be interesting to watch how he develops during training camp and the preseason, including his switch from tackle to guard. The Rams figure to run a lot next season. Their running backs should have more holes up the middle since Robinson is a plus run blocker. Pass blocking and watching his footwork will be his biggest challenges this season.

The differences between the Rams and Auburn Tigers playbooks:

"It's a lot different and the O-line is required to know more with the Rams ... when I was at Auburn it was like know this and you know what you got to do here. But now it's like I have to know what I'm doing and what the tackle's doing and what the opposite guard and tackle are doing. It's just something that's going to help me in the long run and may allow me to move around when the time comes."

Not surprisingly, there is a big difference between a college spread rushing offense and a pro-style offense. However, it's something that not many people mention when talking about Robinson. If Robinson struggles, part of the reason could be because of his transition from Auburn's offense to the Rams. If he struggles because of the offense and the move to guard, I wouldn't be too shocked. I do still expect him to be an upgrade on the line.

Does Robinson want to move back to tackle?

"Yes sir, eventually I hope that I can go back out there, and I like the tag that they place on it the QB's blindside ... the O-linemen really don't get enough credit anyway, so at least left tackle is really important. Everybody really puts the emphasis on left tackle, so it's really the name that goes along with it, but at the end of the day it's all blocking."

It made perfect sense to move Robinson inside to guard. You can't trust him to play left tackle right now; he's not ready. Pass blocking is a big reason why, but there's also some other small things, like footwork, and he won't learn those things without reps in the NFL. Can you imagine Robinson blocking a great pass rusher on a island alone? I can't, and I would hate to see Sam Bradford become a victim.

We all know the potential that Robinson possess, we should remember that it's not going to happen overnight. Robinson was the right pick for the Rams and he should have a good future on the line. It will probably take time for him to reach his potential, but he has the talent to be one of the best left tackles in the league.

If you want to hear the entire interview, then head over here. I would recommend listening to the whole thing, you will hear what happened when he knocked Robert Quinn down, how high he can jump, and more.