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St. Louis Rams training camp schedule 2014

Dates, times, autographs, what you can and can't bring ... basically everything you ever wanted to know about training camp this year.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It's here. It's finally here. The St. Louis Rams start training camp on Friday, July 25, with the first open practice from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. It also happens to coincide with the first day single-game tickets are available. Oh, and there's beer on sale at camp for $5.

Everything and anything you wanted to know about training camp is below.

When does it start?

Rookies report on July 21. The rest of the team has to be there by July 24, just in time for practice to begin the next day.

Are all practices open to fans?

No, the team sets aside some time to work behind closed doors. However, there are plenty of open practices for the public to attend. All told, the Rams will have 14 open practice sessions and an intra-squad scrimmage on Saturday, August 2 at the Edward Jones Dome.

What's the full schedule for open practices? (Gates open at 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 25).

Date Time (all times CT)
Fri., July 25 3:30pm
Sat., July 26 3:30pm
Sun., July 27 5:30pm
Tue., July 29 3:30pm
Thu., July 31 5:30pm
Fri., Aug. 1 3:30pm
Sat., Aug. 2* 12:30
Mon., Aug. 4 3:30pm
Tue., Aug. 5 5:30pm
Thu., Aug. 7 3:30pm
Mon., Aug. 11 3:30pm
Tue., Aug. 12 5:30pm
Thu., Aug. 14 3:30pm
Tue., Aug. 19 3:30pm
Wed., Aug. 20 3:30pm

It's important to note that practice times are subject to change because of the weather, etc. You can check the Rams website or call their training camp hotline at 314-516-8852 to get the latest news on schedule, etc.

Where is training camp?

It's at Rams Park, in Earth City, Mo., just west of the river on I-70. There's a handy map below courtesy of the Rams with specific driving instructions and free parking locations. Note: do not park at the McDonalds across the street from Rams Park, the same place where Rob Ryan was last seen during his brief tenure as the almost-defensive coordinator here.

Parking for disabled fans is available inside the gates at Rams Park. You'll need an official permit from the state of Mo. hanging off the rearview mirror.

Are there refreshments?

There are some concessions available at practices, but it's not the kind of thing where you can walk over and get a hot dog because you're hungry.

They are selling beer for $5, which is kind of a mixed bag since it's a fun family environment there.

Can I bring food to camp?

You can. In fact, you can even bring a "small" cooler. Please note that it will be subject to search. Also, you are not allowed to bring in glass containers, so leave that handle of Jim Beam in the car for later.

And for the love of God, bring water. Seriously, bring water; it's usually hellishly hot in August in Missouri.

You cannot bring live animals, including pets. Only the cooked variety, or dead at least.

What does it cost to go to camp?

Nothing. It's one of the very last things the NFL isn't charging fans for ... yet.

Will players sign autographs?

Yes. They always make a few players available at the end of the practice session. It's usually for young fans only, so don't be an ass about getting a football card signed so you can sell it back to the same kids you cut off at practice that day.

Here's the schedule for autographs:

July 25: OL
July 26: DL
July 27: RB & WR
July 29: QB & TE
August 1: DB
August 4: LB & ST
August 5: RB & WR
August 11: QB & TE
August 12: OL
August 14: DL
August 19: DB
August 20: Team

The Rams have lots more information on their website about training camp and the August 2 Fan Fest at the Dome.