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Random Ramsdom 7/14: No more Fùtbol. Time to get back to Football.

The St. Louis Rams will be hoping for drastic improvements and significant contributions from many of their young playmakers in 2014, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. Wide receiver Brian Quick could prove to be vital for the team's success

Joe Robbins

Germany wins 2014 World Cup -- New York Times

Once again, the FIFA World Cup has come on gone in resounding fashion, leaving several billion people worldwide wondering what could have been. It was dramatic, it was climactic and it took only one goal. And it took a while.

Regardless of whether you're the most devout of soccer fùtbol fans, an all-around sports enthusiast, a dedicated patriot or simply never cared about the World Cup in the first place, it's time to move on.  American football season is rapidly approaching and it's about darn time.

2014 St. Louis Rams preview -- National Football Post

Notice that rare and peculiar, yet eager feeling tingling down your spine as goosebumps engulf your limbs? That, my friends, is known as quiet and cautious optimism. It isn't nostalgia; it's hope.

The St. Louis Rams may finally again have the potential to obtain what has eluded them for a decade -- the playoffs, football in January, and respect. Only more time will tell...

St. Louis Rams preseason power ranking -- ProFootballTalk

Curtis Crabtree takes a look at the Rams strengths, weaknesses and more in PFT's preseason power rankings series, a sequence which is far from over, if that gives you any hints. How does Jeff Fisher's squad match up against the rest of the league heading into the regime's third season?

Brian Quick slow to develop -- ESPN NFC West Blog

The Rams have appeared to fare much better with early draft choices in recent years; however, they still have made their share of head scratching selections. Receiver Brian Quick, the first player chosen in the second round in 2012, has struggled in his first two seasons. Can he put it all together in year three?

Rams 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook --  Sports Illustrated

It will soon be time for every NFL fan's favorite prelude to football season -- their three, four or ten fantasy football drafts. In the next coming weeks, you will hear everything and more about why you should draft (insert perrenial Pro Bowl-caliber here). For that reason, let's step out of the box. Find out who on the St. Louis Rams you should target and highlight on your big board.

(Notice: Joe Mazzi and Turf Show Times are not responsible for any and all potentially bad advice that you may infer from this article. Don't be a homer.)

How the Rams beat the Saints in 2013 -- Canal Street Chronicles

Kevin Skiver of SB Nation's New Orleans Saints blog analyzes one of your favorite games from last season. The St. Louis Rams' defense was relentless in what would be the team's most notable victory of 2013, while Kellen Clemens did his best Alex Smith impression to methodically move the offense.

49ers mammoth guard Alex Boone to hold out --

It appears that Vernon Davis is not the only San Francisco 49er to be disgruntled about his current contract situation. Alex Boone, an undrafted free agent in 2009, has been a stalwart at right guard in the Bay area over the past two seasons. He now aims to be paid accordingly.

Kevin Williams makes Seattle's front even more dynamic -- Field Gulls

Just in case you forgot, the Seattle Seahawks added another new face to its already crowded defense earlier this off season.  Arif Hasan -- who typically writes for SB Nation's Daily Norseman -- offered Seahawks fans some valuable insight into how five-time All-Pro defensive tackle Kevin Williams may fit in Seattle's gameplan.

Will Cardinals expand RB Andre Ellington's role? -- Revenge of the Birds

In 2013, running back Andre Ellington was a pleasant surprise for fans of the Arizona Cardinals, who have struggled to find stability at his position. With a full season under his belt, he may be asked to assume more responsibilities on offense, particularly pass blocking.