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St. Louis Rams’ Top 5 “Fireworks” Plays of 2013

The NFL Network show "NFL AM" featured Top 5 "Fireworks" plays for each NFL team Friday morning. Which plays did they highlight for the St. Louis Rams?

No. 5:  Matt Giordano’s 82-yd INT Return in Week 5 vs Jaguars

No. 4:  Cory Harkey’s 31-yd TD reception in Week 15 vs. Saints

No. 3:  Tavon Austin’s 98-yd Punt Return for a TD in Week 10 at Colts

No. 2:  Alec Olgetree’s 98-yd INT Return for a TD in Week 6 at Texans

No. 1:  Tavon Austin’s 65-yd Reverse for a TD in Week 12 vs Bears

It’s certainly nice to see the Rams amass five of these caliber plays...and from some unexpected sources.  If you would’ve told me that Matt Giordano and Alec Ogletree would’ve had the Rams’ longest defensive TD’s in 2013, I certainly wouldn’t have believed you.

Regardless, NFL Network highlighted five of - what they saw as - the top plays for the Rams in 2013.  There were certainly others.  Did they get it right?  Did they miss a play or two?  Do you rank them as seen above?


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