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Rams Roster Preview: Shaun Hill

The Rams added Shaun Hill during the offseason to be the backup quarterback. Hill has been filling the void left by Kellen Clemens, but just what should we expect from Hill this season?

Christian Petersen

The St. Louis Rams needed another veteran backup after last year's backup quarterback Kellen Clemens left in in free agency, so they brought in long-time journeyman Shaun Hill. This was a quiet move, but one that could prove to be important if Sam Bradford get's hurt.

Hill is a solid insurance policy for the Rams and he signed a one year, $1.75 million contract with the Rams, so he was pretty cheap. The biggest reason to bring in Hill was that there won't be a quarterback controversy, can you imagine anyone shouting put Hill in?


Hill has been in the league for eight seasons, so the Rams know what they will get with Hill. He's a 34 year old quarterback that doesn't have the strongest arm, but he's smart and pretty accurate. Now, let's stay realistic Hill isn't going to be the next Kurt Warner or Brett Favre, but he should make the offense flow better than when the Rams had Clemens.

He was handling the first-team offense in the spring, and will probably do so during most of training camp and some preseason games. He's going to help the offense get ready while Bradford is preparing to come back from his knee injury.

After Bradford is cleared to practice, Hill will gradually go back into his backup role. Now if Hill has to play, he should be able to come in and do a solid job. In 2012, Hill was forced into action against the Tennessee Titans and he finished that game, completing 10 out of 13 passes for 172 yards.

Will Hill make the Rams roster in 2014?

Hill has the experience and since he's taking most of the first-team reps in training camp, it would be a shock if he doesn't make the final 53 man roster this season.