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Random Ramsdom: 7/1 Rams Day Was A Success

It's the inevitable - and impossible to avoid - down time in the NFL. But somehow, someway the Rams manage to have a fairly decent week of news; thanks in large part to the very successful Rams day. A lot of respect was thrown towards city of St. Louis over the last couple of days...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Sam will be welcomed in the CFL - Sports Illustrated MMQB

Michael Sam has a home waiting for him in Canada if the Rams, or another team decide Michael Sam isn't fit for the NFL.  The true pass happy league - the CFL is waiting for him to come rush passers on the other side of the border.

----If you have a moment, or a day, take the time read the entire MMQB. Peter King always does a great job with it, and it is loaded with info/new as usual

Olgetree primed for a big leap - St. Louis Post Dispatch

If you let Alec Ogletree tell it, year two will be one that the Fans of St. Louis will remember, and he plans to play a big role.

Overrated or Underrated - Bleacher Report

Overrated or underrated? Our friends over at the bleacher report have put together one of their lists.

The best division in football -

The best division in football has been said to be the NFC West. But this notion is something "usually" uttered from the mouths of fans, media, or players within the division. It is not too often you hear a player from the outside looking in calling another division the best.

Robert Quinn is an extraordinary person both on and off the field

We talk about the story of Michael Sam, Greg Reid, Maurice Alexander, etc... But I think we often forget about the Robert Quinn story and how every morning when he opens his eyes another chapter is written

Robert Quinn talks the best type of talk one can have, Deacon Jones...duhhhhhh

The unstoppable Robert Quinn breaks down his unstoppable film

Three years from now who will be the better pass rusher, Robert Quinn or Jadeveon Clowney???

Offensive growth is mandatory for the Rams - Bleacher Report

The Rams will have to see rapid development from the offensive side of the ball to really take the leap expected of them for the 2014 NFL season.

Schotty still plotting and planning on Austin's use - St. Louis Post Dispatch

Brian Schottenheimer is singing a familiar tune. It's something about this time of year, and OC's who have a special talent like Tavon Austin. There's a lot of talk about how his talent will be put to use in the forthcoming season. But as we already know, talk is cheap, so let's just see how it plays out....

NFL's Top 100 has yet to feature a Ram - Ramblin Fan

The NFL's annual top 100 players list has yet to feature a Ram player so far this year. Not that there hasn't been plenty of teasing involving Rams players. It seems like almost every week when the "next time on the coutndown" commercial takes place, they say "find out who" and show a Rams player as if that player will be "who". But there is one player that we all expect to make the list. The question is: with only three episodes left, where will he fall? - Ramblin Fan

FINALLY!!!! It has been long overdue, but it has finally come to fruition. The Rams have finally given what is arguably the greatest era in franchise history its own personal spotlight.

Rams day full of the greatest times in St. Louis Rams history - St. Louis Rams

Last week was full of so many memories, I think everyone should just take some time to go to our beloved Rams' site and check out all of the videos. The highlights range from Super Bowl 34, Kurt Warner's broken ribs, to 2014 rookie class meeting the public in downtown St. Louis at the Cardinals venue, Ballpark Village.

Defense may have to carry the team - Ramblin Fan

The Rams defense may be forced to carry the team, especially if the offense starts out slow. They say defense wins championships, but can the Rams defense lead them a division title first?

Oh and one more thing... What does Rams D-Line coach Mike Waufle really think of Robert Quinn

I found the lazy comment to be the most interesting by far, but a lot of praise for this young man, and well deserved!