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Sam Bradford Talks To NFL Network

The Rams quarterback had a lot to say about the playoffs and his new teammate Kenny Britt.

Dilip Vishwanat

.Now that OTAs have started for the St. Louis Rams, all eyes are on Sam Bradford. According to the many talking heads on TV, St. Louis has the talent to compete, but it's up to Bradford and the Rams passing attack to not struggle this season. so they can take that next step toward being a winning football team.

This was a short interview ,but there were a couple of quotes that Bradford made that I thought was interesting.

The Rams quarterback actually mentions making the playoffs, when Michelle Beisner ask Bradford does he feel like he has added pressure placed on him.

"Obviously this is a big year for this organization, we really feel like we're right on the cusp of taking that next step and becoming a playoff team," Bradford said. "And I think everyone in our building and our locker room believes that we can do that and that's why we're out here giving it everything we have right now."

Wow, she didn't even ask about the playoffs, but it's great to see Bradford basically saying there's no added pressure on him. I want some of the Kool-Aid that Bradford is drinking. Honestly, with the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers still being big contenders to win the division, it's hard to see the Rams making the playoffs. But this is the NFL, and stranger things have happened.  I think this is the most up front that he's been about the Rams making the postseason, and it sounds great. Hopefully, the team can make it happen this season, no reason to be counted out before training camp starts.

Now when she asked Bradford about Kenny Britt, you can actually see Bradford face beaming with excitement.

"I think KB's been great, just for the building, for the energy he brings."

Is that it Bradford? I mean, there has to be more that you can tell us more about your new buddy "KB".

"Oh my God, talking back and forth with our db's letting them know that he was going to beat them, and sure enough first two routes on one-on-ones he runs two go routes for touchdowns. "You know he's energy, his spirit, it's been great for us."

Wow that's a hell of an endorsement by the QB. Bradford has been able to find a rapport with other veteran receivers like Brandon Lloyd and  Mark Clayton, so maybe Britt will be the next one to make the list?