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Video: Kenny Britt burns Tru Johnson during the second day of OTAs

Kenny Britt had several highlight reel catches during the second day of OTAs and there's video proof.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Before it was deleted and uploaded elsewhere (like his last video), new St. Louis Rams wide receiver Kenny Britt shared a video on his Instagram account of him burning Tru Johnson and Janoris Jenkins on catches for touchdowns during the second practice of 2014.

Both touchdowns came during 1-on-1s. During the first route seen in the video below, Britt blew by Johnson on a go route. There was no contact from Johnson and no moves from Britt. Just speed.

During the second play, Britt beat Jenkins despite a last-second attempt from Jenkins to knock the ball out of Britt's hands.

Nick Wagoner pointed out that Britt's touchdowns set a tone for the evening. Practice didn't end without some scuffles.

Practice was, indeed, tense. "Language not fit for print" was audible from about 100 yards away, according to Wagoner.

Keep in mind that it was, after all, the first day of practice. Not to take the hurrah out of Britt's highlight reel day, but (and that dreaded but) there were no pads and contact was minimum. It's more than likely that Johnson and Jenkins were instructed to let Britt go by.

It was the Rams' second day of OTAs, but a flashy start (for Britt) is a good start, yeah? Let's see if the highlights continue when the pads come on.

*This video originally appeared on Kenny Britt's Instagram account.