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Rams Practice Update: Fightin' Round The World Edition

The Rams opened up today's organized team activities to the media. There was a moment worth covering.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Normally, OTAs don't offer much in terms of coverage.

It's bottom tier football fluff. Runnin. Pushin. Gruntin. All necessary, sure, but nothing that draws your attention...except when the emotions boil over.

Here's today's practice in a shell.

The Scrappin' Was What Happened

Nothing makes for better fodder than some facemask-grabbin' helmet-slappin' pointlessness. These guys are used to playing the game on high, so despite the fact that they're teammates, you're bound to have some scuffles throughout the year.

We got our first (public) one today.

Bear in mind, this means absolutely nothing about anything. Remember what happened during last year's OTAs? No? There's a reason. The only value here is we might get a write-up from Softli on, what I must only assume, was "a kiss of the pads."

God bless Uncle Tony.

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

This early on, the biggest issue that affects the team going into the preseason is injuries. Don't think it can have an impact? Ask Cowboys fans fretting about LB Sean Lee whose knee injury in their first OTA will keep him out of the 2014 season. Nothing new to report on that front, but it's worth tracking who's still on the mend:

Not mentioned among those names was QB Sam Bradford who only participated in the walkthrough. He's being held to about 50% of normal participation coming off of a knee injury of his own, though everything seems to be on track as of right now:

As for Jake Long, he's behind Bradford. The key is how the Rams begin preparing for the entryway to the season without him on board right now:

Keep an eye on that offensive line. It's a haven for nagging injuries and should give us an indication of what kind of offensive re-tooling may have gone on among the coaches during the downtime as well as any responses to personnel performance as guys like Hooey and Barnes get a chance to get first team reps.

Tony Softli Tweet From Two Days Ago To Entertain You During A Piece on OTAs Which Are Pretty Boring Overall So Why Not

Photoshop fodder, awaaaaaaaay!


Random Chris Long Tweet

We're getting close to football, kids.

Hold on strong.