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Read Sam Bradford's press conference a day early

The Rams QB will speak to the media after Thursday's OTA session. But why wait until tomorrow to find out what he'll say?

Dilip Vishwanat

Sam Bradford returned to the practice field on Wednesday. On Thursday, the St. Louis Rams quarterback will return to the microphones for a brief session with the media following that day's OTA. But you're a busy person, you need to know the details now, not 24 hours from now. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Go to enough NFL press conferences and you can recite these things in your sleep.

How's the knee?

"I'm feeling good. The knee brace is still a little bulky to work with, but it's great to be back on the field with the guys.

"The ACL is all healed up. I can run and throw and plant just fine. I'll still have the brace on, but it won't be a problem for Week 1."

Speaking of Week 1 ...

"I'm excited to get back to work. I'm excited for the season to begin."

This will be year three in the same offensive system for Bradford and most of the receivers, so how's it going?

"... it's amazing how much quicker you can go the second third year in the system. Everyone's not seeing something for the first time and these rookies are being asked to keep up with the veterans guys are veterans now too. I've been really impressed with the young guys and the way they've been able to handle things mentally. I think that's something that's extremely important, because it doesn't matter how talented you are physically if you can't handle it mentally. I think the young guys that we have in here have done a great job and I expect them to continue to get better."

Follow up: How will you guys get even better this year?

"We talked about the areas that we need to be improved, the things that we need to do, and I can take all those points from those meetings with ‘Schotty' (Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer) and with ‘Cig' (Quarterbacks Coach Frank Cignetti) to the young guys now. ‘Hey, we studied this concept last year. We think the key for it succeeding this year is we've really got to get our depth on this route or the timing's got to be better.' So, it's just a lot more detail oriented now that we're in year two three."

Are you glad to have Rodger Saffold back on the line this year?

"Absolutely. It's great to have Rodger back."

How's Greg Robinson?

"Greg's great. It's nice to have a big blocker like that doing blocking type things in front of you and the running backs?"

Coach Fisher really talked up your leadership qualities while you were sidelined last season. How will you increase your leadership role this year?

"Just being more vocal. Like I said, year two three, I feel a lot more comfortable in the system. I know how things are supposed to look and the way I want things to be run. The depths, the details, just...'Stedman, Tavon, hey, this is how that route has to be.' Pulling guys in the film room. Watching the previous day's practice with them. All those things where I'm taking control of the offense."

Sam, asdlkjfasl Wanio;anub 'onojneaybca' lknjkhlihlkn?

"Absolutely, Mr. Softli. We've really made that a priority. And I'm just as excited for more 'Unique Football Content' as you are."

What are your thoughts on the St. Louis Cardinals' offensive struggles?

"Ha, well, I really love watching the Cardinals no matter what. [shoutout to related local institution]"