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Random Ramsdom June 4, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen-we have a pulse! Around the league, as teams start/continue OTAs, the season slowly comes to life. Thank God.


A quick and interesting look back... - NFL

Where we were, where we are going.

Now something more up to date. James Laurinaitis talks about Sam Bradford and more... Rams News

Some of this seems like the usual platitudes...but some not?

Gregg Williams+Rams roster= Happy Place - NFL

For Rams fans that is. Certainly not opposing offenses. Bucky Brooks gives a detailed projection of what to expect from the Rams defense this coming season. A must read.

Organized Team Activities begin...what to keep an eye on. - ESPN

Two key players recovering from serious injury, multiple competitors for the secondary and Gregg Williams refining his playbook.

The low-down on the Arizona Cardinals - Sports on Earth

Even NFC West folk seem to overlook the Cards. This writer is not sure that is wise. The focus is on the Seahawks and 49ers. Rightfully so, since they have made appearances in the last two Super Bowls, with one win. The Cardinals however, are making a statement...

Ian Smith to return? - ESPN

After a brutal injury and four surgeries, 49er's defensive tackle Ian Smith is making his bid to get back on the field.

Seattle's linebacker shuffle... - The Seattle Times

Quite a few nagging injuries around the Seattle camp this year. Linebacker Bruce Irvin's is the latest to be addressed via surgery.

Colin Kaepernick and 49ers close to a deal? - ESPN

If they can't reach a deal, one would think that San Fransisco would just let him walk...after all, the have Blaine Gabbert.

Around the twittersphere-

Has the healing begun? And were hugs involved?

Guess not...

The skinny on some of the 49ers moves... -ESPN

Lingering injuries, roster moves and...quarterbacks lining up in the slot? What's all this, then?

Ouch! - Seattle Pi

Not to get overly philosophical on you, but one has to wonder about the largess of a country that makes up high quality/high priced merchandise, for an event that hasn't even happened yet.

Giants say, "Enough is enough" - ESPN

Suspended for the third time in as many years, safety Will Hill is shown the door in New York.

Have a great day!