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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Rams aim for offense

Way too much mock way too early and yet way too late.

Stephen Dunn


- This took me waaaaaaay too long. I wanted to get it done right after the draft, except...

- I put waaaaaaay too much effort into this. I looked into GM historical trends. I looked into positional trends. I looked at rosters and contracts and depth charts....for a 3-round 2015 mock nearly a year out. I'm not sure why I did this.

- That being said, try stifling your inner @PFTCommenter. There's no reason to emote over this. The picks? They're going to be 99% wrong even if 50% of these do end up being taken in the first three rounds. The order? Just like the MTD Mock Draft, I used Bovada's Super Bowl odds at the same time MTD did. And I made trades. And I made more trades. So calm thy inner internet commenter and try to be a good SB Nation bro.

- I also made trades because the current draft paradigm makes mocks without trades pointless. At least try. Fail, sure, but try. It's not as if my first 2014 mock was built for accuracy... Bear in mind the trade at #4 is a result from the trade in the 2014 NFL Draft that Buffalo made to move up for Sammy Watkins.

Enough. Onto mockery.

Round 1

Rd# Ovr# Team Last First POS School
1 1 TEN (via JAX*) Winston Jameis QB Florida St.
2 2 OAK Mariota Marcus QB Oregon
3 3 JAX (via TEN*) Williams Leonard DT USC
4 4 CLE (real via BUF) Strong Jaelen WR Arizona St.
5 5 NYJ Agholor Nelson WR USC
6 6 MIA (via MIN+) Ekpre-Olomu Ifo CB Oregon
7 7 WAS Diggs Stefon WR Maryland
8 8 TB Petty Bryce QB Baylor
9 9 MIN (via MIA+) Gregory Randy DE Nebraska
10 10 CLE Calhoun Shilique DE Michigan St.
11 11 HOU (via STL%) Fajardo Cody QB Nevada
12 12 NYG Erving Cameron OT Florida St.
13 13 DET Mills Jalen CB/S LSU
14 14 DAL Green-Beckham Dorial WR
15 15 SD Fields Devonte DE/3-4 OLB TCU
16 16 PIT Grant Doran CB Ohio St.
17 17 KC Ogbuehi Cedric OT Texas A&M
18 18 STL (via HOU%) Cooper Amari WR Alabama
19 19 CIN Edwards Mario DE Florida St.
20 20 BAL Waynes Trae CB Michigan St.
21 21 CAR (via ATL^) Peat Andrus OT Stanford
22 22 ARI Scherff Brandon OT Iowa
23 23 CHI Jenkins Jordan OLB Georgia
24 24 ATL (via CAR^) Collins Landon S Alabama
25 25 NO Perryman Denzel ILB Miami
26 26 IND Jackson Tre G Florida St.
27 27 PHI Beasley Vic 3-4 OLB Clemson
28 28 GB McCarthy Ellis DT UCLA
29 29 NE Williams P.J. CB Florida St.
30 30 SF Smith Derron FS Fresno St.
31 31 DEN Johnson A.J. ILB Tennessee
32 32 SEA Kalis Kyle G Michigan

* - JAX gives 1.1, TEN gives 1.3, 2.3 and more TBD

+ - MIN gives 1.6, MIA gives 1.9, 3.9 and more TBD

% - STL gives 1.11, HOU gives 1.18 and 2.18

^ - ATL gives 1.21, CAR gives 1.24 and 3.24

Round 1 Notes

- I'm comfortable with the top 6. Things got a little crazy after that. The Diggs pick is putting him on track to have a Tavon Austin coming out party.

- The first two trades assume the Titans jump Oakland to ensure they get one of the top two QBs. Miami hops Washington to assure them of a corner.

- Sure, the Houston-St. Louis trade seems wild. I'm much higher on Fajardo than most. I was last year too when I had him going 16th overall. Houston has to hop Detroit and Dallas who are in sellers' positions for a QB here to grab Fajardo. That leaves the Rams to take the fifth WR in the 1st round who still fits a top of the depth chart mold while picking up some draft capital later on because Les Snead is Les Snead.

- My favorite pick of the 1st round? Seattle taking RS sophomore Michigan guard Kyle Kalis to close out day 1. It's got about a 0.001% chance right now and yet it feels like something Seattle wold do right now if they could.

- No running backs because it's 2014 and no.

Round 2

Rd# Ovr# Team Last First POS School
1 33 JAX Eskridge Durell FS Syracuse
2 34 OAK Johnson Duke RB Miami
3 35 JAX (via TEN*) Hawkins Jerald RT LSU
4 36 BUF Hogan Kevin QB Stanford
5 37 NYJ Yeldon T.J. RB Alabama
6 38 MIN Matias Josue G Florida St.
7 39 WAS Harris Anthony SS Virginia
8 40 TB Davis Carl DT Iowa
9 41 MIA Otis Norkeithus OLB UNC
10 42 CLE Davis Mike RB South Carolina
11 43 STL Joseph Karl FS West Virginia
12 44 KC (via NYG#) Robinson Corey OT South Carolina
13 45 DET Reed Cedric DE Texas
14 46 DAL Covington Christian DT Rice
15 47 SD Alexander Vadal G LSU
16 48 PIT Funchess Devin TE Michigan
17 49 NYG (via KC#) Fackrell Kyler OLB Utah St.
18 50 STL (via HOU%) Grasu Hroniss C Oregon
19 51 CIN Hundley Brett QB UCLA
20 52 CHI (via BAL@) Collins La'el LT/OL LSU
21 53 ATL Harold Eli OLB Virginia
22 54 ARI Cook Connor QB Michigan St.
23 55 BAL (via CHI@) Kouandjio Arie G Alabama
24 56 CAR Darby Ronald CB Florida St.
25 57 NO Ariguzo Chi Chi OLB Northwestern
26 58 IND Gurley Todd RB Georgia
27 59 PHI Greenberry Deontay WR Houston
28 60 GB Johnstone Tyler OT Oregon
29 61 NE Ajayi Jay RB Boise St.
30 62 SF Shelton Danny DT Washington
31 63 DEN Stanley Ronnie OT Notre Dame
32 64 SEA Heuerman Jeff TE Ohio St.

* - JAX gives 1.1, TEN gives 1.3, 2.3 and more TBD

# - NYG gives 2.12, KC gives 2.17 and more TBD

% - STL gives 1.11, HOU gives 1.18 and 2.18

@ - BAL gives 2.20, CHI gives 2.23 and more TBD

Round 2 Notes

- Jacksonville is set to pack up their tools for their raw power move with two of the first three picks in the second round. While I've got them on track to use them both, I would expect that with a night to shop around, they'd find a way to sell one off.

- Oakland breaks the RB seal...with Duke Johnson. It doesn't make sense now, it won't next year...but it's Oakland so sure.

- That's a bland first half of the round, position-wise but with the skill-heavy first and the way things sit now, I struggled to see it otherwise.

- The Rams opt to go with a ballhawk in Joseph who fits the Rams' dual-safety backend and the top center in Grasu. Headlines? None. But headlines the Rams are coming off of a OT/DT first round. If that can fly...

- Cincy and Arizona with mid-2nd round QB pickups. Somehow, I think those would be less than absolutely positively received among their fan bases...

- Struggled again with Seattle because they're in the midst of their built roster window. They've got decisions galore coming down the pipe on who to retain, but the heat's not on them yet.

Round 3

Rd# Ovr# Team Last First POS School
1 65 JAX Bibbs E.J. TE Iowa St.
2 66 OAK Parker DeVante WR Louisville
3 67 TEN Frost Kris ILB Auburn
4 68 BUF Russell KeiVarae CB Notre Dame
5 69 NYJ Washington Tony OLB Oregon
6 70 MIN Everett Deshazor CB Texas A&M
7 71 WAS Havenstein Rob OT Wisconsin
8 72 TB Shaw Josh CB USC
9 73 MIN (via MIA+) Wilson Ramik ILB/LB Georgia
10 74 CLE DePriest Trey ILB Alabama
11 75 STL Keeton Chuckie QB Utah St.
12 76 NYG Matthews Mike C Texas A&M
13 77 DET Humphries D.J. OT Florida
14 78 DAL Flowers Trey DE Arkansas
15 79 SD Anthony Stephone ILB Clemson
16 80 PIT Drango Spencer OT Baylor
17 81 KC McGee Jake TE Florida
18 82 HOU William Daryl OT Oklahoma
19 83 CIN Seumalo Isaac C Oregon St.
20 84 BAL Montgomery Ty WR Stanford
21 85 ATL Clark Le'Raven OT Texas Tech
22 86 ARI Thompson Shaq OLB Washington
23 87 CHI Drummond Kurtis FS Michigan St.
24 88 SEA (via ATL~) Doss Lorenzo CB Tulane
25 89 NO McKinney Benardrick ILB Mississippi St.
26 90 IND Bennett Michael DT Ohio St.
27 91 PHI Wright Gabe DT Auburn
28 92 GB Clark Frank DE Michigan
29 93 NE Jarrett Kyshoen SS Virginia Tech
30 94 SF Campbell Ibraheim SS Northwestern
31 95 DEN Golden Markus DE Missouri
32 96 ATL (via SEA~) Oakman Shawn DE Baylor

+ - MIN gives 1.6, MIA gives 1.9, 3.9 and more TBD

~ - ATL gives 3.24 via earlier trade, SEA gives 3.32 and more TBD

Round 3 Notes

- A defensively-heavy round, ending with an 11-pick run of defensive prospects. This is exactly what will happen.

- Minnesota jump up to grab Ramik Wilson ahead of Cleveland.

- Non-plussed by Garrett Gilbert lurking at the back of the depth chart a la Austin Davis, the Rams finally grab a QB with some potential to push Sam Bradford who would be heading into the final year of his rookie contract at this point in Utah St. funthing Chuckie Keeton.

- One pick later, the Giants add Mike Matthews further adding weight to the 3k Theory of Football Family Convergence that one day, the entire NFL will populated by descendants of Howie Long and Clay Matthews, Sr. Games will be entirely impossible to call, radio broadcasts will be rendered useless and referees will be wholly unable to determine which player committed which penalty amid a sea of Longs and Matthewses. It will be hell. The NFL will hit record numbers.

- Pittsburgh helps out the O-line by grabbing Baylor product Spencer Drango who sounds much more like a Bond villain than a football player.

So there it is, a donation for perpetuity. We'll revisit this in..what, maybe 5 months from now, but until then, here's a first attempt at reading the tea leaves.