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Rams Roster Preview: DE/LB Sammy Brown

Continuing with the Rams Roster Review (Triple R's), next up is a player on the lower end of the depth chart: DE/LB Sammy Brown.


Flash back to 2012. The St Louis Rams' first year under the Fisher-Snead tenure. Their first NFL Draft brought us the likes of running back Isaiah Pead, receiver Brian Quick, and offensive guard Rokevious Watkins.

It wasn't until after the draft that the Rams inked a 6-2, 240 lb. linebacker out of the University of Houston – Sammy Brown.

Some background on Brown: He was a two-year starter with the Houston Cougars at outside linebacker after transferring over from a junior college. Coming out of college, Brown was known as a pass rusher, registering 13.5 sacks during the 2011 season.

Brown's pass rushing abilities, however, did not land him a job on the 53-man roster. He spent the 2012 season as a member of the practice squad.

Enter the 2013 season. Brown, trying to use his pass rushing asset to his advantage, made the switch to defensive end. The move ended up not helping Brown, landing him on the practice squad for two consecutive years.

Expectations for the 2014 Season

The most you can expect from Brown at this moment is him making the 53-man roster.

One thing Brown has in his favor is he has been in an NFL training camp for the past two years. He's also had the advantage of practicing with NFL-caliber players.

What position will Sammy play? At 6-2, 240 pounds, Brown is undersized for a DE. At LB, all we've heard of is about his pass rushing skills. Talk about his coverage abilities has been nonexistent.

Will He Make the Team?

Odds do not seem to be in his favor. Brown was on the practice squad for the past two seasons. If his pass rushing skills were as good as hyped up to be, he'd be on the team by now.