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Rams announce 2014 dates for throwback jerseys

The Rams are pulling out all the stop to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Greatest Show on Turf. That includes two games with glorious throwback jerseys.

The throwback-iest players wearing the throwback unis.
The throwback-iest players wearing the throwback unis.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Rams are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Greatest Show on Turf, the Super Bowl winning 1999 team, with a series of events this year, including Friday's "Rams day" on the NFL Network. The Rams also announced two dates for when the team will be wearing 1999 throwback jerseys.

The team will wear throwbacks in Week 6, for a Monday night home game against the 49ers, to cap off a week of GSOT celebrations. Players from the 1999 team will be recognized at halftime that night ... so it'd be a nice game for the team to win (also a good chance to maybe hang some numbers in the rafters, HINT HINT HINT).

There will be a big party at Union Station the Saturday before that, Oct. 12, with GSOT players and former head coach Dick Vermeil.

Throwback jerseys will make a second appearance in Week 16 at home against the Giants.

There's lots more GSOT fun at an offshoot of the team's official website,

It's great to see the team embracing its history, especially the only Super Bowl winning team they've ever had. The front office deserves huge props for that. It's a great way to connect with fans who haven't had much to connect with over the last decade, from the consistently bad teams to the old Shaw/Zygmunt and later the Spagnuolo administrations that ran it all more like the Nixon White House than a professional football team whose primary purpose is to provide entertainment. Hell, it hasn't been that long since they reopened training camp to the public.

The on-field product is getting better too. But this is a fantastic start while fans wait for that to come together.

Side note: It's got to be weird for Fisher, celebrating the 1999 Rams team, the one that beat him in his only Super Bowl appearance as a head coach.