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Rams Roster Preview: WR Stedman Bailey

The Rams roster review continues with a look at Bailey.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Stedman Bailey should be used to being overlooked by those who focus on his teammate Tavon Austin. In college, everyone always talked about Austin, and when they were both drafted to the St. Louis Rams last year, all eyes were on Austin.

Late last season, the Rams decided to use Bailey in the last few games of the season, who was 4th or 5th on the depth chart . While Bailey didn't necessarily ball out with 17 catches for 226 yards - plus 2 rushes for 33 yards and a touchdown - he did show potential. During the off season, there was buzz about him challenging for a starting spot.

Then Bailey violated the league's policy on performance enhancing drugs and will be lost for 4 games. So now, instead of being a potential starter when the season begins, he is back to being overlooked and probably will be until he returns week 6 (Rams have a bye, week 5).

Expectations for Bailey

It's hard to say, at the end of the season Bailey was getting more snaps than the other receivers not named Chris Givens.  He's a really good route runner, and his hands are more than solid. Although Bailey is obviously talented, his suspension came at the worst time. If another player stands out in training camp, Bailey could barely see his name called 2014.

Roster Battle

Before the suspension, Bailey and Kenny Britt were front runners for a starting receiver position. It's just going to be hard for Bailey to get a lot of opportunities because of his suspension. On the bright side, the Rams coaches must have saw something in Bailey late last season since his snaps picked up, so there's still a chance.

Personally I see a roster battle between Bailey and Quick developing for the fourth receiver spot. That's going to be an interesting battle to watch during camp and the preseason.

Will he make the 2014 Rams Roster

Yes, he will make the roster and he should play in some games. His four game suspension came at a bad time, and he'll have to show Jeff Fisher - who gets a tad irked when players let his team down (Just ask Jo Lon Dunbar) - that his mistake is behind him.