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What happened to the Rams fight song?

Let's review some potential candidate for a new Rams fight song.

The latest issue of The Classical is all about music, and they released a playlist to go with it. That playlist has a couple of NFL team fight songs. Those fight songs are pretty lame (like that Chargers one, oy). Anyway, it got me thinking about fight songs for the Rams.

The old Los Angeles Rams had a fight song, one of the spirited marching band numbers more common among the league's older NFL teams. Here it is:

Pretty catchy. Stirring. But not the kind of thing you hear much anymore.

The St. Louis Rams have been bad at history. It seems like the cut off all their roots once Georgia Frontiere had John Shaw figure out a way to gouge the city and state for a sweetheart stadium deal. The current administration is doing a much better job at reconnecting with the team's past, as they should be.

They could use a fight song, though ... maybe. A few fans have even tried to create one for the St. Louis Rams, but those attempts, um, leave a little to be desired.

I scoured the intertubes for some fight songs. Here, have a look at what I found.

  • Celebrates fan favorites from the GSOT era.
  • Uh ...
  • Um ...
  • Easy to sing along with.
  • Potential copyright issue with the Charlie Daniels Band.
  • Uncomfortable to watch.
  • So so so so so so very awful.

Here's one for the more modern listener.

  • Chorus makes for an easy chance.
  • Video features fans.
  • References to players who are long gone.
  • Potential copyright issue with Fox NFL theme song sample.
  • Potential copyright issue with Vanilla Ice.
  • Fosters comments like this one, the top comment on the YouTube post "This fucken guy makes me not wanna be a rams fan"

How about another one?

Okay, it's a little better than the one above, but ...

Better, but wrong team.

Man, what a terrible video. Hats off the Rams marketing department for their progress since then. Hopefully, everyone involved in the production of this video has been sacked and is now working for the Browns.

But it's about the best, the only, effort at some kind of inspirational rally the fans ... thing.

So, maybe just go back to this one?