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Rams expect to have just one player on PUP list to start training camp

The Rams made it through OTAs healthy, a win in and of itself. Only one player figures to be unavailable when training camp starts at the end of next month.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

What can you really expect from OTAs? It's practice. Without pads. Don't buy into the hype. But there is one takeaway from OTAs that was a win for the St. Louis Rams, a big win ... they escaped injury free.

Team exec VP Kevin Demoff said during his "Sports on a Sunday" appearance on KMOX this week that the Rams are anticipating opening training camp with just one player on the PUP list, rookie safety Christian Bryant. Demoff said the Rams picked him in the seventh round knowing that the PUP list was a possibility for the start of training camp with an ankle injury.

That figures to put the Ohio State product behind the curve to start the season. Expect him to land on the practice squad, where he may turn out to be a pretty good player to stash away for the Rams. Demoff said the team expects to get Bryant back in August or September.

The forecast for Week 1 of the regular season is even rosier.

"We have all 90 players, right now, available for September 7 against the Vikings," Demoff said.

Obviously, they'll have to make two rounds of cuts to get those 90 players down to 53 before Week 1.

That includes Jake Long and Sam Bradford. The quarterback isn't really a surprise since he was practicing some in OTAs. Long has a little further to go, but it sounds like he'll be active, in some way or another, for training camp, according to Demoff.