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The greatest player in Rams history is ...

According to NFL Network, it's the most iconic member of the Fearsome Foursome.

David Maxwell

Who is the best player in the history of the Rams franchise?

There are no easy answers to that question. A lot of amazing players have worn the uniform. Elliot Harrison over at NFL Network has an opinion though. He says Deacon Jones is the best player in Rams history.

The most famous pass rusher to ever step on a football field influenced the premier players for decades to come, guys like Reggie White and Bruce Smith. Everyone knew who Deacon Jones was, mainly because of his various moves, starting with the now-illegal head slap. Jones coined the term "sack," fitting for quite possibly the most proficient sack artist in league history. Jones and Merlin Olsen were the main cogs of the famed "Fearsome Foursome," and both guys were included on the NFL's 75th Anniversary All-Time Team. From 1964 to '69, Jones was the best defensive player in football.

It's tough to argue with that. Jones is an icon for the Rams and for pro football as a whole. The self-proclaimed inventor of the quarterback sack redefined the position and the entire sport with his approach. And the current version of the team certainly seems to be embracing its Fearsome Foursome roots as the centerpiece of turning around a team that's been adrift for a long, long time.

Who would you say is the best player in Rams history?