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Random Ramsdom June 18, 2014

Interviews, interviews, interviews. Players and coaches compete for roster spots and money.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Just what is needed from the Rams receiving corps? -ESPN

The Rams passing game remains a huge question mark. What will it look like this year and who will be targeted? With the acquisition of Greg Robinson and Tre Mason it seems assumed that the running game will be paramount, but teams don't win championships without some ability to pass the ball.

While receiver production is easily quantified in catches, yards and touchdowns, teams like the Seahawks and Niners aren't as worried about the quantity so much as the quality of those relatively infrequent pass attempts.

Will we see more quality in the passing game this year?

Some notes on the 49ers -ESPN

It is always worthwhile to keep an eye on the enemy.

Speaking of which... Sporting News

More trouble in the bay.

The '80s viewed through the rosy lens of fantasy football -NFL

How does Jerry Rice not make this list?

Gregg William's press conference -St. Louis Rams

"You must carry a chaos inside you to give birth to a dancing star."
― Nietzsche

Brian Shottenheimer's press conference -St. Louis Rams

Amongst other minutiae, Shottenheimer seems to be impressed with Chris Givens.

John Fassel's press conference -St. Louis Rams

Johnny Hekker needs to improve? Blasphemy!

Larry Fitzgerald is a good wide receiver. [Shock! Gasp!] -Forbes

Now, you too can be like Larry Fitzgerald.

Chris Long is not the only one having some fun on twitter...

So...what to do?

And in conclusion and in honor of the U.S. Soccer team...