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Johnny Hekker is an expert on Sam Bradford's legs

Wait a minute, there's actually a reason this is important. But we'll let Hekker explain.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm rolling through Reddit, and I see this thread about a photo supposedly showing the "atrophy" on Sam Bradford's legs after ACL surgery. The photo in question is here (I'm not going to post it because it's not credited). The whole thing smelled a little fishy.

How can you tell by looking at a photo from practice, especially without something to compare it to? Besides, photos can be deceiving, the twists and turns of the human body combined with lenses make people look different in that fraction of a second when they're captured on film. Remember that whole "fat" Eddie Lacy thing?

At any rate, someone who knows a little bit about Bradford's legs weighed in on the matter.


That's Johnny Hekker, Rams punter and fellow Redditor, jumping in to pump the brakes on discussion thread diagnosis.

As for the muscle atrophy, it's a little hard to believe. Bradford's been rehabbing for months now, a program that included LOTS of time in the weight room. That's not to say it'll be easy to come back right away from an ACL tear, but muscle atrophy probably isn't going to be an issue. Sorry, internet diagnosis.

This is also your daily reminder that Johnny Hekker is awesome.