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2014 Rams Training Camp: Heeeeeeeeere We Go

The Rams have released the full schedule for training camp ahead of the 2014 season.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached the point where we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Just minutes ago, the Rams released the full schedule for this year's training camp.

This year's camp includes 14 open practice sessions and a full scrimmage at the Ed. Here's how it looks:

Date Time (all times CT)
Fri., July 25 3:30pm
Sat., July 26 3:30pm
Sun., July 27 5:30pm
Tue., July 29 3:30pm
Thu., July 31 5:30pm
Fri., Aug. 1 3:30pm
Sat., Aug. 2* 12:30
Mon., Aug. 4 3:30pm
Tue., Aug. 5 5:30pm
Thu., Aug. 7 3:30pm
Mon., Aug. 11 3:30pm
Tue., Aug. 12 5:30pm
Thu., Aug. 14 3:30pm
Tue., Aug. 19 3:30pm
Wed., Aug. 20 3:30pm

* - scrimmage at Edward Jones Dome

For more information, the Rams' official site will have additional details as the office continues to flesh out the details of coordinating the entire operation.

Rookies will be arriving on the 21st to get in some NFL acclimatization and prep work while the rest of the roster won't have to be on hand until the 24th, the day before the first full practice.

Remember, the Rams' preseason starts on the Aug. 8 with three other warm ups on the 16th, 23rd and 28th, so as always there will be a chance to use some of the latter sessions to work out some preseason foibles as we go...and there will be foibles.